Welcome to Wastecrete

Wastecrete uses non-recyclable waste products to create designer building blocks, paving stones and other decorative items. Wastecrete is proud to offer a practical and stylish solution to the global concern about the amount of waste being sent to landfill every year.

Wastecrete is the brainchild of Johan Coetzee, the founder of World of Decorative Concrete and Stucco Italiano. In 2021 Johan applied his knowledge and experience with construction materials in an innovative way and Wastecrete was born a year later.

Wastecrete products have a much smaller carbon footprint due to their dependance on existing waste products to produce a new, useful item. The result is the creation of a circular waste economy, where local waste is used to manufacture local building materials and thereby create jobs in the local community – and all this from items that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.

Wastecrete building blocks are roughly the size of 10 regular bricks. They are fireproof, damp-resistant, strong, lightweight and have excellent insulation properties, making them the ideal choice for construction.

Wastecrete recently collaborated with Ackermans to produce building blocks and other items from fabric off-cuts, clothing and shoe samples, plastic hangers, cardboard and other waste products from the textile industry. Ackermans has committed to donating textile-related waste products to Wastecrete as part of their joint sustainability journey. In this way, waste material that would have been sent to landfill is now used to create a product known as Fabric.

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For more information about Wastecrete, please contact us at info@wastecrete.co.za